The Ultimate Fun Photo Sessions

Spice Up Your Wedding With A Sydney Photo Booth

The wedding industry is booming in Australia with numerous weddings taking place every day. In such an event, many people like to take pictures to remind them of the great memories that come with the day or the people that they get to meet. However, not everyone wants a photo in the outside where everyone is.

This has led to photo booth hire becoming one of the more familiar products to hire for those who want to be a little more creative, adventurous and want to create some special memories that will never be forgotten!

Latest Designs

There are different designs that you can go for from the various companies that have them for hire, we have noted some of these  for you to take a look at on the pointers below .

  • ·       There are those that are manual while others are automatic. The manual ones will require an attendant while the electronic ones do not need an attendant.
  • ·       Different booths use different software to help them function. This software determines the type and quality of photos that you get. Some of them are breeze systems and DSLR booth pro among others.
  • ·       The layout of the picture that you take is also another consideration. There are photo strips, template set, and postcard design among others. Choose the photo booth with your preferred type of photo layout.
  • ·       It would not be enough to get just a plain photo without any decorations. Some of the decorations that are there are autumn, old fashion laces and vintage fairy tale among others.
  • ·       If you want to write something on the photo, there is also the type of font that you can use. These are Chopin script, Varsity regular among others.
  • ·       There are customized graphics and regular graphics. Choose what works best for you.

Additional Features

·       The booth also comes with a guests’ book where they can leave their name and a comment about their experience on your big day. The attendant will then give you the book after the event, and you get to see all the fun comments people made.

·       Props are also availed to ensure that your guests have a great time while taking photos. These are decorative costumes that make the picture look good for example masks, sunglasses and hats among others.

The Hiring And Renting Process

 Wedding photo booth hire Sydney is a rather a simple process in all companies that hire them out. The first thing you need to do is to identify what type of features you need for your booth. You then have to pay for it and leave details of where and when you want it. Most companies will deliver the day before the event to avoid any unforeseen inconveniences.

On the wedding day, the company will ensure that everything is functional and that the attendant is available to assist your guests. Finally, after the event is over, they will transport it back to their premises.

Just in case you used the booth for more hours than you had paid for, then you will be charged the extra fee before they will also give you digital copies of all the photos taken if you need them.

Events And Weddings

Besides weddings, other events where you can hire a photo booth are during parties, birthday celebrations, and corporate events and in clubs.