Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Tips

08. June 2016 Plumbing 0

Commonly Used Vanities

The two bathroom areas which are used most commonly are the toilet and the sink, with every flush of the toilet you send over half a litre of water shooting down the drain, it’s surprising that only a few years back we there was over double the amount of water being used per flush which is down to the modern toilet layouts and flush systems which are now being used.

Needless to say in the forthcoming years, there will be even more of a variety when it comes to state-of-the-art layouts which will be readily available in the common marketplace. Not only will these layouts save you money on your water bill but they will be much more friendly for the environment.

We all spend a lot of time in the bathroom cleaning our hands and face, there is a lot of water being wasted whilst we wash due to the fact that the tap is left running for lengthy periods of time. If the sink being used has a damaged spray head or leaky pipe, then the wastage levels will again be increased.

Leaking sinks and faucets can cause mould on your grout and bathroom tiles, this is when things begin to get pricey as the tiles and grout will be ruined, this on most occasions leaves no other option but to replace the entire thing.

Maintenance Is Key

When you hire a qualified plumber Sydney to run regular maintenance checks on your vanities, faucets and pipework then you are preventing these risks from occurring in the first place. This will keep your mind at rest and you won’t end up having to pay any hefty bills for the replacement and installation of your grout and tiles.

Remember to call a Sydney plumber who will run the relevant checks for you on a regular basis to prevent any larger issues in the future.

Smelly Drains

When drains get blocked and clogged up with things such as rotting foods or old grease and oils, you will realise that the drains begin to smell. This is not going to be pleasant experience for yourself but imagine if you invited your friends and family over and your drains started to let off a foul stench… Here’s a quick tip which will loosen up the grease and scum leaving your kitchen feeling clean and fresh.

Using a small amount of vinegar mixed with a modest quantity of baking soda will create a fizzy solution that eliminates putrid odours and can readily unclog your drains.